Sunday, November 12, 2006

Woot, Woot!

It's done! Yay!!!! Finished up all the crappy cleaning jobs this afternoon. Bring on the inspection, boys! (You'll have to excuse me. I think that all the cleaning fumes I've been shut in the house with all day might be going to my head. I may not make much sense here.) Everything is done, and now all I have to do is wait around for the next two weeks to see if my place is randomly inspected.

All the cleaning really sucked, but in the end it was totally worth it. First off, the apartment looks GREAT. It hasn't been this deeply clean for a long time, and it's oh so tidy. We'll see how long it stays that way after the munchkins get back from their dad's in the morning. And it smells great in here, too, like PineSol and strawberry cheesecake-scented candles.

I finally get to relax now, and I have the whole day off tomorrow, so the munchkins and I will just be lazing around the house. Maybe I'll even get to craft a little bit, I have some things I want to wrap up and also some projects in mind to start. Tomorrow I also plan to tell you about an idea that's still brewing in my head tonight. All I will say now is that it involves a party and it's crafty. I'm just so glad all the inspection prep is over!

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Brandy said...

Yay!! Now onto some serious crafting!!