Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Not having a digital camera is really starting to frustrate me. Bad. I've made so many things in the last couple of weeks that I would LOVE to show off, but I can't! I would LOVE to put a little collage here of all the yellow, pink, and green things I made for the April/May Project Spectrum color triad, but I can't. And the Munchkins are looking so cute these days, but I can't show them off, either. Grrrrr. It may be a while before regular pictures are seen around here again, because things are tight, baby, but I have a couple of ideas to spice this little old blog up. Maybe. Just maybe.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I NEED To Be Crafty

Have you ever sat down at the end of a long, curve-ball throwing, stressful day and just wanted to make something? That's how I feel right now. This day has seemed to be the day that just wouldn't quit throwing punches. Now that the Munchkins are in bed sleeping, I should probably do the same. But all I really want to do is sit down and crochet something, or get out the sewing machine.

I don't know if it's the same for everyone (it is for some), but being crafty is super therapeutic for me. Working even just a few stitches of an afghan at the end of the evening makes me feel like I did something productive, even if I ran circles around myself for the rest of the day. And today, I definitely "chased my own tail" quite a bit. So I'm off to work on the Fire Blanket. It's almost done, too. Big difference from when I first posted about it. Maybe I can make some real progress, and that will clear my mind so that I can sleep tonight instead of stressing, tossing, and turning.

Do the rest of you do this too, or is it just me? Do you turn to your crafty projects at the end of the day for de-stressing? I know that I can't possibly be the only one. Tell me what you do at the end of the day to de-stress, I want to hear what everyone else thinks.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

My seven blankies for Cyrano's Creature Comforts Drive are finally done. Finished, washed, dried, packed up in a box, and ready to ship to Holly in California first thing Tuesday morning. I'm so excited to be done, but kind of sad that the drive is over, too. Is that weird? I can't wait for Holly to open up the box.

*Edited to add* I did take pictures of everything, but they are on a disposable camera (stupid broken digital cameras!). As soon as I get the film back I will scan everything and there will be more pictures than you'll be able to stand.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Something to Share

I've really been getting back into my sewing, so I've been checking out a lot of sewing sites and blogs. While I've been browsing, I came across this cool site: Be sure to check out the fabric and sewing section, there are lots of great ideas! Just thought I would pass this one along.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Working Against a (Sort-of) Deadline

I've spent all of my evening since the Munchkins were tucked in working on my sixth (!) blanket for CCCD. It's a 36 x 36 sewn blankie with double quilt batting, made from heavy fabric. It will be so warm! I didn't quite finish it up, cuz I'm tired, and it's about time for bed. I'll go back to it tomorrow.

I'm really excited that I passed my blankie goal. I wanted to make 5 to send out to Holly, and now I'm working on my sixth! Yay! I'm going to have to stop soon, or else I'll be paying out the rear for express quickie shipping to California. They will have to go out soon.

I wonder which charity project I will take on next now that this one is almost over?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Picture!

No new camera yet, but I plan on buying one in the next week or so as a late Mother's Day/early birthday present for myself. The camera phone pics thingie didn't work out either. So all I have to show is the last pic I got out of my old crappy camera. It's the first blankie I finished for CCCD, and I hate to part with it, but it will soon be on it's way to California.

I may be biased, but I think it's gorgeous. It was cheap to make, too. Under 3 rolls of SuperSaver, so that's less than seven bucks! I've finished 4 more blankies (3 of them crocheted, 1 sewn), but I don't know if I will have the camera in time to take pics of those before I absolutely have to send them off. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

No Pics=Boring

I hate writing posts without pictures. Really, I do. That's probably the main reason that I haven't been blogging much lately. See, when I finally got batteries for the camera, I managed to get two decent pictures out of it, and then it konked out all together. So, no more camera for now. But I may have found a way to transfer my camera phone pictures to the Internet, so hopefully the pictures will be back soon. (I wanted a new digital camera, anyway.)

As for the two pictures that I did get before the camera crapped out, they're up on my Flikr account. There is blog post coming about those soon, very soon.

Even though I have no real proof to back this up, I can say that I have been VERY crafty lately. I reconstructed some of my old clothes, and I'm cranking out blankies for CCCD. The deadline is less than a month away, y'all. I can't wait to show you all this stuff, I've got to go figure out this cell phone/web pictures thingie.