Thursday, November 09, 2006

Inspection Central

I got my notice yesterday for yearly apartment inspections. Woo hoo. (Note the sarcasm, please). That means that I have until Monday to get the apartment clean, check the smoke detectors, replace the heat duct filters, etc. And I have to keep it clean all the way until the 22nd, because inspections are random, and can happen anytime between the 13th and the 22nd. I got all prepared and had everything looking great for inspections last year, even though we had just moved in. And they never showed up. I guess I was randomly not picked. I'm still going to be prepared this year, though, because I expect that the "higher-ups" will be here to check on the place at some point. That means I have 5 days of solid cleaning ahead. So you may not hear much from me for the next couple of days. I'll try to check in as much as I can. For now, I'm off to get ready for inspections!


Brandy said...

Have fun cleaning. I use to hate that time of the year when we lived in the apartments/townhouses.

Sue said...

Wow! It's like having super critical relatives coming for a visit. Have fun cleaning. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors.