Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This Could Not Have Happened Sooner

Something that will go down in the history of my generation happened today, and I'm not talking about mid-term elections here. Britney Spears has finally filed for divorce from that loser-skank-leech Kevin Federline. Yay! Britney Spears is close to my age, and I liked her before she got messed up with the mess. I lost interest in Britney while she was with K-Fed. But I have to say, she's lookin' great, and now she's losing the excess baggage. She was smart enough to have a prenup, something a lot of other young stars haven't been smart enough to do. You gotta hand it to her, she's getting her sh** together, with two young babies, and that's sexy. Go Britney, go Britney!

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Sue said...

I have to say I never thought it would last and that the K-Fed person was quite beneath her. Good for her.