Monday, November 13, 2006

What's Up For Today

The munchkins and I have been laying about the apartment all day, trying not to make things messy. Little Munchkin is sick, with a nasty sounding cough and sniffles but no fever. I still plan on crafting today, but it might have to wait until after the girls are in bed. I took advantage of the good afternoon light in my kitchen to take this pic.

These are what I plan on working with tonight. I picked up the Softee Chunkee for a hat for Christmas presents, and I bought the sweater last year at a yard sale for a dollar. It's Hollister brand, 100% wool, and too small for me. I'm going to unravel it and felt a purse from it, I think.

I promised to tell y'all about the idea I've been brewing, so here it is: My boyfriend's mother and I are planning a really cool (I think) crafting party to be held the first or second week of December. We're ordering crafty kits and supplies from a bulk-sale company, and inviting a ton of women and girls to come over and craft Christmas presents for super cheap. We're planning on charging around $5 per person to come in and craft away, and then the guests can take home what they've made to give away as Christmas presents. It's kind of like a Home and Garden party with a crafty twist. What do y'all think of our idea?


Brandy said...

Sounds like fun! Hope your little one gets well soon!

hookinmama said...

So do I! She just looks so pitiful, with big black circles under her eyes, and always coughing. Very polite, though, she always covers her mouth when she coughs. Pretty good for a two-year-old!