Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Project Specs for Hat, Socks, and Afghan

First off: Congratulations to Diana and Chris on the birth of their baby Wednesday afternoon, a healthy 8 pound boy. Chris called to let me know earlier that the baby has been wearing his new hand-crocheted hat at the hospital, and it's a hit with all the nurses. So, I'll give you the specifics.

Project Specs

Black and White Baby Set
Pattern: For the socks, I used an old standby, the Granny's Garret baby sock pattern that I love. I made the hat off the top of my head, no pattern, just a hook and the leftover sock yarn.
Yarn: The yarn didn't have a label anymore, but it is a self-striping sock yarn, I think either Bernat Hot Sox or Moda Dea Sassy Stripes.
Impressions: I've made this sock pattern several times. It's very quick, can give very different results with a different yarn or hook, and the socks are always a hit. I'm proud of the hat because it's my own design, I guess, and I'm so glad that it fit right off the bat!

And now for the granny afghan:

Project Specs

Artful Granny Square Afghan
Pattern: No pattern, just standard granny squares, with a larger granny in the middle.
Yarn: Scrap yarn. I needed to use some up, and these colors spoke to me. They also match my bedroom color scheme. It's all worsted weight acrylic, mostly RH Super Saver and TLC Essentials.
Impressions: I love my blanket. It's been a long time since I set out to make something on this scale all for myself, so I was excited from the beginning. Now that it's done, I'm enamored with it, but I'm not going to use it, per say. I'm going to hang it from my wall-mounted quilt rack/shelf thing and display it as a piece of art.

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