Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lazy Day

I have nothing to write about, not really. It's been kind of a lazy day around here. I went to work for a couple hours, did some grocery shopping, got the girls off to stay the night with their dad. Now I'm just bored.
I'm so bored I don't even feel like working on anything crafty. I've been working on some projects, one in particular, but I'm not making enough headway to post any pics. The one project I've been paying attention to is a granny square blanket, with a twist. I would say it's my own design, but I'm not sure if arranging granny squares in a different way can be considered designing. I'll put pics up when I'm done.
Guess I'm gonna spend the rest of the night laying on the couch, soaking up television and being lazy. I don't get much of a chance to do that, so I should stop complaining, huh?

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