Monday, August 07, 2006

One year Ago Today...

I found this post this morning while I was browsing the Internet: Crochet by Faye: One year Ago Today... . It got me thinking. What was I doing one year ago today?
Let's see, August 7, 2005. I was jumping around between my mom's house and a friend's house, trying to keep track of my stuff, my kids, my job, and the mess I called a life after my breakup with the ex. Things were really tough then. I was scrambling to find a place for the girls and I to live, and I didn't get to see them a lot because we were unsure of where we were staying from night to night. They spent a lot of time with their dad, and I spent a lot of time missing them and trying to figure out what to do.
Thinking back to a year ago makes me so grateful for the place I am in now. Even though I have rough days and I'm bored to death sometimes, our lives are so much more calm, centered, and stable than they were a year ago. Thanks for posting this, Robyn, and making me think about how grateful I am to be a year away from where I was one year ago today.

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Netter said...

It's true, if you hang in there long enough, even the roughest spot smooths out.