Monday, July 31, 2006

A Long-Awaited Finish

So with all the craftiness (and crazyness) going on around here, I managed to finish an old WIP from like, 3 years ago. Finally! Forever and ever ago, I made a filet crochet pillow cover to go with an afghan out of really pretty Red Heart yarn. Then I bought some green fabric to make the pillow out of, stuffed it in the closet, and left it there until it made it's way to the new house with me.

I've changed color schemes in my bedroom since then, as you can see, so the green fabric had to go. When I dug the pillowcase out last weekend, I picked out some pretty pink fabric instead. The pillow was super easy, I finished it in one night. (For me this is a big deal. I'm not good at sewing and I'm very slow.)

Now I have a really pretty pillow for my bed. The picture doesn't do it justice.

It looks good, even though I'm a little disappointed that the pink pillow inside came out so small. Maybe I should have done more measuring and less guesstimating when I sewed it, but I use my novice sewing status as an excuse for my slightly off-kilter projects. I still like it, and that's all that matters, right?

I'm really using crafting to get through this mini-bout of depression. Sometimes it just feels like everything is falling in on your head, ya know? I'm crocheting and planning projects and finishing projects like mad to keep my mind of other things. Cheap therapy, is there anything better?

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Jen said...

That turned out so pretty!