Monday, July 31, 2006

Up In Flames

I have another crappy day to tell you about. This is getting old, y'all. But I think today's story is worth telling. So, my car, a really pretty green Dodge Intrepid, has been being worked on for a long while. Today it ran for the first time in a long time. She ran good. And then, she blew up. Literally, the gas line came off of the back of the motor, touched the hot exhaust, and blew up. This is what my pretty Intrepid looks like now:

And the backseat:

The fire ravaged everything, but luckily, the guys working on the car got out of the way in time and no one was hurt. The local rinky-dink fire department came and put it out, and then someone thought to call me. So I missed the whole thing. All that's left of my car are the two front seats, and a bunch of dash pieces. They were being stored in another car. (I'm thinking about auctioning them on E-Bay, whadya think?)
How sucky is that? I still owe on the car, and since it was immobile, I had no insurance on it. So I'm stuck paying it off on my own. And I have to find a different car. Quickly, on limited funds. Can anyone say screwed?
I'm fighting the urge to hide under my bedcovers and cry really, really hard. I'm also using crochet as therapy, hooking away furiously to try and take my mind off everything going on around me. I'm afraid of what might happen when I'm forced to put the hook down to cook supper.


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Wait, doesn't the shop that was doing the repairs have insurance to cover your car? I don't know how these things work but they were trying to fix it when the puppy blew, right. Girl you have worse luck than I have. Thank goodness no one got hurt.