Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beads and Books

I'm really getting into this whole beading thing. I love my stitch markers, and I had fun making them. So much so that I joined the Stitch Marker Mania Swap. Sign-up ends tomorrow, the 24th, so hurry if you still wanna get in. There are more than 30 people signed up now!
On another note, I need a good book to read. A trashy, summer, beach novel kind of book. (Not a romance novel, though!) Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably something that might be available at my local library. I'm dying of boredom when I go to take cigarette breaks and I need something to read!


Laura said...

I also signed up for the swap. It's gonna be fun! =0) I love making beaded stitch markers. They're so easy and quick.

Anonymous said...

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