Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Go at It

It was quiet at home tonight. The girls were off shopping with my mother and aunt, and Hubbie spent the majority of the evening playing some sort of game on the computer, so I had free time. Of course I used it to be crafty. I plopped down in front of the TV with my bead box and pliers, turned on the new season of the Real World, and whipped out these two matching stitch markers. (Yeah, I know, the Real World. Yes, I watch it, and I love it.) Anyway, the stitch markers:

Second try at beading Posted by Hello

Not bad, eh? I took my time. The one on the right was the first one, and the loop came out kinda funny. Too big. As a result, that marker is a little longer. I really took my time on the second, and I think it shows.
I'm going to make at least two more markers exactly like these and keep them for myself. They will be my first set (handmade or not) of stitch markers and I think I will need them for one of the UFO's, the Bernat Boucle shrug. Maybe the pretty markers are just the motivation I need to pick that project up.

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Amy Lu said...

Your stitch markers are GORGEOUS! I love them! Where did you find the large loops that slip over the needle? All I can find at my local bead/craft stores are jump rings. Yours are so delicate looking, I think I need to make some today!