Tuesday, April 05, 2005

There's Always Time For Yarn

Things have been very hectic around my house lately. I haven't had much time at all to blog, even though I have all kinds of things to talk about. For my short time tonight, I'll share the details of my SEX this evening. Even though we have been SO busy, I managed to drag the husband and kids half an hour south to get yarn for Sami's bride pack. I pick up three rolls of yellow and purple variegated Sugar and Cream for the rose bath poof and a washcloth, and some Sunflower lotion and soap. I also got 5 rolls of Caron Simply Soft on sale for a commissioned blanket, and The Knitting Stitch Bible, by Maria Parry-Jones. It was on clearance, marked down to $2.70 from $27.00 because it's missing a few pages. I can live with that, the missing pages are pretty complicated lace, and it'll be a while before I'm ready to tackle that kind of stuff. At another store I grabbed 4 rolls of LB Jiffy on sale for $1, and some Moda Dea Cache. I have plans for one roll of Jiffy and the Cache (it's a secret!) and the rest is just for stash.
I LOVE SALES! Don't you?

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