Sunday, April 03, 2005

New Project(s) ASAP!

At work this evening there was a lovely invitation to my friend Sami's bridal shower waiting for me. Great! What's that, April 16th? April 16?!!!!! I'm now researching what I want to make for the shower. Since Sami and Rob will be getting a Homespun blanket for the actual wedding present, I thought it would be nice to make something just for the bride for her shower. I'm thinking a "Pamper Package" would be nice, maybe a washcloth, scrubbie, and some lotion or something. The spring issue of Crochet Me is out and although the theme is growing families, a lot of the patterns would work for what I'm wanting to do. So now I need to put a rush on this stuff. And I also have to finish the Bar Shawl because I really want to wear it to the shower.
What with all the excitement, I have tuckered myself out, so I'm going to save the last WIP pics for later. Instead I give you this pic of Delaynie, my youngest daughter.

Isn't she adorable? Posted by Hello

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