Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Fun

I haven't made it any farther on that same old Fire Blanket, but for good reason. Yesterday, a girlfriend and I loaded the Munchkins and her little ones all up in her good old Jeep, and took off for the beach. Completely spontaneous, so much fun. The Munchkins loved playing in the water, even though it was still quite cold, and my friend E and I sat on a picnic bench with a cooler full of food and cold soda, just kicking back in the summer sun. All in all, it was a wonderful day, and we're definitely planning more day trips like this to happen on a regular basis. Summer is definitely here.

I also started another project. I've been following along with several blogger's latest obssession with doll quilts, and I believe I've caught the bug. I started a crocheted doll afghan with leftovers from the CCCD blankies, and I really like it so far. Doll afghans are small by nature, therefore perfect for summer crocheting, in my opinion. We'll just see how far I can go with this new inspiration.

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MommasWorld said...

My youngest uses Grandma's granny squares as blankies for her dollies. Grandma is an avid knitter. She can turn out an adult size sweater while watching a movie! She taught me how to knit but I haven't picked up the needles since my oldest daughter was a baby.

In lue of a digital camera you can take pictures with a regular/ disposible camera. When you drop off the film to be developed just ask them to put the photos on a CD for you. The picture CD usually costs around $2.50-$4.00

I think it is wonderful how knitting gives you such joy. Keep up the great work!