Saturday, January 06, 2007

An Add-On

I've thought of another resolution to add to my 2007 list: Crochet and knit more for charity. I know what you're thinking. What did she make for charity in 2006? Well, I have photographic evidence that I did spend a small amount of time making charity items.

These are some of the hats I made over the last several months of the year, with the intent of sending them to a preemie unit at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. I'm not sure if that is where the hats will actually end up, but they most definitely won't fit anyone but preemie babies. Some of the hats are so small! Unfortunately, I'm sure there are babies out there who are the perfect size for those tiny little hats.

The pattern comes from somewhere on the God's Tiny Angels site via a link from Sue at Good Yarns. They are so quick and easy, and can be varied in several different ways to make them each unique. A perfect little to project to work on in between other projects for a break. I've already made a few more since the start of the New Year, in different yarn.

I also plan to donate items to a few larger movements, such as the Red Scarf Project or the Dulaan Project. I'm just not sure which ones or when, but it will definitely happen this year. It makes me feel so good to create for others, so why not spread that love all over the country, or even the world?

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Anonymous said...

Cute little hats! It's great to give some stuff to charity, isn't it? I've got a blanket and some baby hats that I will be bringing to the church's donation closet. It's nice to know they will stay in the community.