Monday, November 27, 2006

Here We Go!

Thanksgiving dinner came off without a hitch. Unfortunately, I was so busy cooking and hanging out with my family that I forgot to take any pictures! I could be showing off some fabulous turkey or scrumptious pumpkin pie here, but I did not even pick up my camera Thursday, not once. Oh well, everyone's belly got full, and we all had a good time together, so that's what matters.

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers out there took advantage of the holiday weekend to work on some crafty projects, but I did just the opposite. I pretty much ignored everything I've been working on in favor of cooking, cleaning, and laying around the rest of the time. Now that the weekend is over, however, I'm jumping headfirst into all the crafty things that I need to finish (or start, for that matter) for Christmas. I have a lot of stuff to make, still, and a little shopping to do, too. I'm hoping that if I really hit it hard for the next two weeks, I can take a little stress out of the last few days leading up to the holiday. That's the plan, anyway. Let the two week sweatshop begin!

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Sue said...

Good luck with all your projects, Hookin! Sometimes a quiet, relaxing weekend is just the thing. :o)