Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Too Close for Comfort

We had a huge scare yesterday. My little Laynie had to be rushed by ambulance to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis for a severe infection. When I took her to our local emergency room she had a fever of 106 degrees, and the ER staff thought it best to send her to CG to have an infected abcess lanced. I am not a big fan of our rinky-dink hospital, so I was glad that they sent her to the city, but it was very scary. Loading my baby into the back of an ambulance and saying goodbye was the hardest, and scariest, thing I have ever had to do. Laynie's daddy rode in the ambulance with her, and I followed in my sister's car. It was a very difficult ride.
The staff at Cardinal Glennon is exceptional, and everyone was very patient, kind, understanding, and most importantly, skillful. Thanks to their wonderful care, Laynie's infection has been lanced and drained, her fever is gone, and she feels much better. We came home last night, and she's been playing and resting on and off ever since. Thank you so much to everyone at Cardinal Glennon, for taking such good care of my baby, and sending us home as good as new.

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