Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another "Today's Lesson"

The lesson of the day is: I don't know JACK about using a pattern for sewing. I bought a new pattern for the girls' pj pants, in the correct size. And I'm pretty sure I screwed up the pair I cut out anyway. I just can't seem to get the whole transferring-pattern-from-paper-to-fabric thing down. I don't know, maybe I'm just not cut out for using a pattern. I guess we will see after I try to sew these babies together.


Sue said...

I don't know nothing about sewing! Good luck!

BTW, I'm glad your daughter is feeling better! That must have been scary.

hookinmama said...

Sue, It was scary! Scariest thing that's ever happened to me. And the crappy thing is, I may have to take her back to hospital because the draining is not going so well. Wish us luck.