Monday, August 21, 2006

Psychedelic Sunday Pillows

I spent Sunday evening trying to clear my head, and not focus on all the WIP's that are calling my name. Hopefully, the mini-break has given me renewed motivation to finish them up and move on to other projects and ideas. For my mini-break, I made matching pillows to go on Kassi and Laynie's beds. They were very easy, a mindless project, so the evening really did relax me, and I finished them both well before I was ready to go to bed. Instant gratification is the best. I love this fabric, it's so vibrant.


This is just a little bonus pic my boyfriend took while I was cutting out the pieces for the pillows. I was concentrating so hard that I didn't even know he took it until I heard the beep from the camera. I like it, though. It's truly a candid picture of me doing what I do, in my own wacky way.

P. S. The girls have put their stamp of approval on the pillows. They laid down with them as soon as their dad brought them home to me this morning.


Sue said...

What great fabric! The pillows came out nicely. Great candid!

Jen said...

Oh those are very cool!