Thursday, July 07, 2005

Crunch Time

Laynie's 1st birthday is in 4 days. I'm still not satisfied with the size of Birthday Blanket, as I'm now calling it. I want this blanket to be big enough for her to take naps with when she's older. Who knows, maybe it will make it all the way to little Laynie's teenage years. (Oh, the horror. I don't even want to think about the teenage years, she's only gonna be a year old for Pete's sake!) The plan was to have a tea party for the birthday girl and several friends at the park early Sunday, but due to other crazy stuff going on around here, I'm considering pushing the party off until the next Saturday or Sunday. No matter what though, Operation Birthday Blanket will be complete by Monday, which is THE big day.
As if Laynie's party and blanket are not enough to keep me busy, I'm also helping with a friend's baby shower in 2 weeks and there's a lot left to do. Luckily I will be sharing shower duties with two other good friends. I finished a pair of socks for the new arrival, but making a hat out of the leftover sock yarn has proven to be a giant pain in the butt. It is really hard to squeeze a pair of baby socks and a hat out of one skein of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, but I'm determined, and it was on clearance, so there is no more left anyway. I'll let everyone in on how that goes when I finish up with Birthday Blanket sometime soon. Cross your fingers for me.

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emd10-33 said...

what's up chic!!! don't worry you'll get her blanket done. you always get your projects done when you need to. i really like your blog, you'll have to teach me how to do this stuff, it's really cool and you're right, my work stuff would really be cool to put on here. talk to ya later babe. jaci