Thursday, June 09, 2005

In the Nick of Time

The big wedding is in two days. I'm excited. I'm relieved. I finished the blanket for the gift this evening, and I feel pretty good about it, just because I was finished two days early. I did not have to sit up until midnight the night before finishing. That is a good thing, folks.
I do not have full photos of the blanket due to lack of camera, but I scanned a little piece for a sneak peek. (If you are Sami or Rob, please don't look at this!)

Wedding Blanket Preview Posted by Hello

I have cute wrapping stuff all ready to go, and it sorta matches the blanket, but most of all it will fit the couple well. Pics of that tomorrow, too.
Now that I am free from all of my big deadline projects, I will hopefully find some creativity in the next couple of weeks. The Lion Boucle from E-Bay arrived, so I'd like to work out something for the Lion Brand contest soon. That will leave plenty of time for adjustments before the October deadline. (I'm trying very hard to break myself of my horrid procrastination habit.) Along with the boucle came some green Bernat Softee Chunky. Does anyone have an idea what to do with it? A little inspiration from y'all may be just the jumping-off point I need to get CRAZY creative.

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