Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Great Sight

Oops, I meant a great site! Lisa Gentry broke the Guinness World Record on Saturday for the fastest crocheter. Over 5000 stitches in 30 minutes! If I could just be half as fast as her...... Anyway, she also has great designs on her site. I'm thinking of ordering the patterns for the Shelly Shrug, the Caney shrug, and the Jo Hannah top myself. I have some stash TLC Heathers in a great blue that is just dying for the perfect pattern. That yarn would look great as either of the first two designs, and I could stand to use up some more stash yarn.
I found a couple other good sites last night while surfing aimlessly, but I don't have the links handy just now and I'm too tired to look. I will say that there were some awesome, inspiring curtains on one, and I will (try to) put those links up tomorrow.

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