Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Something to Show for It

The party turned out to be a blast, and we celebrated Memorial Day in redneck style. Everybody is in tremendous pain from the massive game of football that occurred sometime late yesterday afternoon. All I will say is that is was not pretty, and all the guys are limping around, slightly bow-legged, and whining constantly.
And now for some crafty content. I have finished objects to show off, things I did over the weekend amongst the partying. First, my super cute furry flipflops.

Fuzzy FlipFlops Posted by Hello

Project Specs

Fun Furry FlipFlops
Pattern: I have seen several different yarn companies' version of a pattern for furry flipflops. I just single crocheted around the straps with a double strand of the yarn until I thought it was fluffy enough. I took it pretty light on this pair.
Yarn: Bernat Boa in Cardinal
Flipflops from Hobby Lobby
Impressions: I'll wear these a lot, I have a lot of red shirts and stuff. I made this in no time at all, and they are SO soft and comfortable to wear. Fur makes flipflops tolerable for me. Usually I can't stand them.

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