Monday, May 02, 2005

Let Me Rephrase That.....

Ok, so maybe unmotivated isn't the right word. Indecisive, spacey, wishy-washy? I don't think those are right either. (Well, maybe spacey.) See, the problem is that I'm not motivated to finish any of the projects that I've alreadly started. Such as the scarf, or the shrug, or the blanket, or cleaning the bedroom closet, or organizing my stash....... I could go on and on here. However, there doesn't seem to be a problem with my motivation to start new projects. Witness Exhibit A:

Salsa Scarf Posted by Hello

I started this scarf while I was supposed to be working on all of the other stuff. I needed a quickie project to satisfy my impatience and hopefully bring back my enthusiasm for some of the neglected ones. It's Patons Cha-Cha in #2004, Siren, knitted on size 13's. I wasn't sure when I started, but I definitely love the striping of the yarn now. It's turning out very pretty, very soft, and very quick. I started it yesterday and it's already almost two feet long.
I'm getting ready to head over to a friend's to stitch and chat, and I'll be taking this scarf and the other to work on. I promise to accomplish something on both of them tonight. Really, I do!

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