Saturday, April 30, 2005

Is Unmotivated a Word?

I am feeling super unmotivated. I have several things that need to be worked on or finished. From where I'm sitting now I can see four WIPs. One is a scarf that's been sitting on my dresser for months, and it just needs the ends weaved in. On the other side of the dresser is my JFM KAL project, the makeup bag. I need to bind it off, sew it up, and put on the button. In my knitting bag is a shrug from Knit1 magazine that I started last week. Beside my bed in a plastic bag is Sami and Rob's blanket, which I've completed MAYBE 6 inches on. It's possible that my lack of motivation is due to being overwhelmed. I don't know what to work on first, but I'm thinking that it may be easiest to work my way up from the small stuff. Maybe I'll finish up the scarf this afternoon.
WOW, I feel so much better now that I got that out! I'm off to wipe out some WIPs.

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laurie said...

I think unmotivated is a word. Also, I often feel anti-motivated, non-motivated, and just plan demotivated. LOL. Hope your week picks up. And start with the scarf first, a smallish project may be just what you need! Scarves are my knitting panacea. Oh, and hats, little easy roll-brim hats. Love me a hat! LOL