Thursday, March 24, 2005

Proud to Be a Crocheter!

I had a somewhat awful but also good (does that even make sense?) experience yesterday at work. One of the women, who is older and I chat with everyday, is trying to learn to crochet. I frequently come in and talk to her about my latest projects or yarn-buying escapades. I told her about the hats I've been working on and she asked to see them. I brought them in out of my car later and got the usual comments ("Amanda's talkin about yarn again, watch out!" etc.) Those didn't bother me. Then one of the waitresses says, in a very obnoxious tone, "OMG, you're like, addicted to YARN!?" Followed by obnoxious laughter.
I was upset by her words at first. Defensive, even. But them I realized, who cares if people think I'm crazy? Yes, I'm addicted to yarn, and I like it that way. I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of my crafts, and also from this great knit blogging community that I've discovered. So what if like yarn? I'm proud to be a crocheter, a knitter, and a blogger!
And by the way, everyone oohed and aahed over the hats, including the waitress who laughed at me. So there!

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