Monday, June 11, 2007

(Sort of) A Picture, Yay!

I've rediscovered a craft that I dabbled in while in high school, and spent lots of time over the weekend practicing. I forgot how much fun (and addicting) making hemp jewelry can be. Since I'm just practicing, and I'm notoriously cheap, I'm using some stash Size 10 crochet thread as "hemp" and seed beeds. The bracelets I've started so far look decent, and the latest is perfect for Project Spectrum.

That's it on the left. It's for the boyfriend, and I like how it's turning out. The one on the right is another one for practice, and it matches a pair of earrings that I made myself last week.

The next bracelet I have planned will work well for Project Spectrum, too. Black with shiny colored beads, and maybe some earrings to match that one as well. After the computer goes to the computer doctor and comes back, I'll scan that bracelet.

I'm so excited that I figured out a way to add some visual interest around here. I had forgotten all about my scanner. Yay for (sort-of) pictures!

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