Sunday, April 01, 2007

March UFO Challenge

OK, I'll admit it. I never even chose a project for the UFO challenge for March. What can I say, it was a hell of a month and the challenge was honestly the farthest thing from my mind. So I offer up a little something I did do, that I'm counting for this month just because I can.

I spent a lot of time this month hiding in my closet with my stash. While I was there, I actually tidied up a bit. I took a bunch of tangled-up yarn and half-started projects and rolled them up into pretty little balls of yarn. Much easier to go through now. The pic represents only a small portion of the untangling and organizing that I have started. I'm sad to say that the whole process is not over, but has only just begun. (I'm still counting it for the March challenge, though. I'm just saying.)

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