Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We had a wonderful Christmas here at chez Busy. The day was filled with family and friends coming and going, food, presents, and all-around holiday cheer. The Munchkins and I were extremely blessed this year, in a gift-y sense and in a love of our family-sense.

This is the Munchkins with my sister, Tiff. They are wearing their new pj's from Santa. Munchkin #1 is in love with Spiderman, and Munchkin #2 prefers Dora, as you can see. They still have not stopped playing with their new toys, and we haven't even opened them all yet. I might put some stuff away to pull out later on in the year, when they are getting bored with the toys they are playing with now.

As for some of the gifts that I gave:
Here is my mom on the left, and my aunt on the right, showing off their matching Serafina shawls. If I had went through with my whole contest idea, the purple Serafina on the right would have been the answer for Mystery Project #2. They both loved their shawls, and my mom wore hers for the rest of the day. Success!

I'll post more photos of the gifts that I made as I get better pics. Some of our pictures were digital, but the majority were taken with disposable cameras. Which reminds me, my wonderful boyfriend splurged on a new digital camera for me! So now you can expect some better pics around here! Thanks, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely shawls...adorable kiddos! Sounds like a wonderful day.