Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bravo, Stephanie!

The Yarn Harlot wrote an excellent post on her blog yesterday, about the way we, as handcrafters, sometimes devalue our own work. I couldn't agree more. I have often caught myself saying things like, "Crocheting isn't hard, anybody can do it," or "It was easy, took no time at all." When in truth, there is a little piece of me in everything that I make with my hands.

My sewing adventures have taught me that just because something looks easy doesn't mean it is. I've always been a natural at crochet, so I thought I would be quick to pick up sewing skills. Not so. Now I appreciate all the handsewn things I see on the net (on places such as Craftster) so much more.

We all have our own individual talents, be they sewing, crocheting, or glass-blowing. From here on out, I will do my best to accept compliments on my work more gracefully, without diminishing the time and effort put forth to produce the work. I think everyone should read Stephanie's message and pledge to do the same, no matter what kind of stuff you make.

P. S. Stephanie's lace wedding shawl is absolutely gorgeous, a work of knitting genius!

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