Thursday, September 07, 2006

Promised Pics! (and a Bonus)

Ok, so I've been done with the Blue Beauty sweater for a couple days now, but I'm just getting around to posting the finished pics. Camera problems, motivation problems, etc, etc. Please ignore my weird expression.

Project Specs

Blue Beauty Sweater
Pattern: Bronze Beauty sweater from Lion Brand Yarns. Search the pattern finder for Bronze Beauty (sorry, my link is messed up!)
Yarn: TLC Heathers in Teal
Impressions: I love the way this sweater turned out. The TLC Heathers I used is nothing like the Lion Brand Glitterspun that is recommended, but I hit guage easily and it worked out well. I think it might stretch a little over time and washing, but it will be so soft and comfy to wear. I've already tested it out once and got several compliments.

Here's a glimpse at the back. Same as the front, really. You can see the pattern in this picture a little better, I think, it's a little closer.

And the bonus pic: Kassity in the scarf I made this week. (Doesn't she look cute? She concentrated very hard on posing just right.) I knitted this one up real quick, using two balls of the clearance Wal-Mart yarn I bought over the weekend, and size 15 needles. The majority was done during an hour or so long chat session with one of my best friends. So easy, and so soft. Kassi liked this scarf so she may end up getting it for Christmas. If not, someone else will.

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