Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Picture Fun

Boyfriend and I went to the City Lake to run our dog for a little while this afternoon, it's a beautiful day on a lazy, long weekend. While we were there I took some pictures of all the stuff that was in my project bag, just for fun.

Here's some clearance yarn I got at Wal-Mart this morning for $1 a ball. They had tons more on sale, but alas, I have a very tight budget for the time being. The label says it is No Boundaries brand, which I think is a Wal-Mart brand, but that's all except for the color (Stella) and a lot number. I plan on knitting a scarf with it to use for a Christmas present, recipient currently unknown. (Yes, I said knit a scarf. I know I don't knit very well, but I can knit plain garter stitch scarves well, and I think the yarn will drape better as a knit rather than crocheted.)

Of course I broke down and started something new before the Bronze (well, Blue) Beauty sweater was completely finished. As far as the pattern goes, I'm done, but I want to add more length. I think it will look better on me that way, it's sort of a crop top right now. Here is the old blue project and the new:

The new project, down there in the corner, is the start of a preemie hat for charity. I dug the two skeins of old Red Heart Soft I'm using out of the stash bin this morning and started the hat on the drive to take my sister to work. I was inspired by Sue to make some hats and stuff to donate to the hospital I gave birth in, and this post of hers was what did it. Check it out, there are links for how you can donate hats, too. The link to the pattern I'm using is there, also.

The Blue Beauty against the water:

I wish you could see the tinges of green that run throughout the heathered yarn, it looked perfect against the backdrop of the City Lake. The colors of the sweater show up better in the previous picture, but this last one is my favorite pic of the sweater thus far. I love the way the shadows fall on the platform, and how you can see the hills and trees across the lake. Beautiful.

Notice the boaters in the background? They need not think that I didn't catch their snarky comments about some crazy girl hanging some kind of sweater thingie from the fishing platform. I distinctly heard "Only in Southern Illinois!", followed by a crappy rendition of some sort of imitation banjo-playing. Oh well, it just made me laugh, cuz I know y'all will understand.

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