Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunnier Days?

My birthday turned out to be not so bad after all. I spent most of the day sleeping, a welcome break from the normal chaos around here. And my sweetie sent me the most beautiful roses. So it was an uneventful but quiet birthday. Today I don't feel so sick and the sun is shining, I guess things are looking up.

I'm running with the good feelings today, so I'm finally gonna post some of the pics that I've promised. First up, the big mystery project for Laynie's birthday:

It's You're Gonna Catch Flies, from the summer 2006 issue of Crochet Me. (Sorry my pics aren't the greatest, I'm still perfecting my skills with my crappy digital camera.) I finished the frog and five flies in less than a week, in plenty of time for Laynie's birthday party. It was very easy, and it's very cute. I'm still not sure if Laynie likes it, though.

While I had the camera out I snapped a pic of Laynie's blanket from her last birthday. Here it is, in all it's blindingly neon glory. She loves it, but refused to take a picture with it, of course.

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The blanket has worn really well over the last year, I hope that it will last to keep Laynie warm for years to come, on sunny days and rainy days alike.

I have a couple other things I'm working on, more to come on those later!

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