Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Fabric Stash!

A trip to Wal-Mart simply is not complete without a stop by the craft section, yarn and fabric in particular. I went to buy bikes for Laynie and Kassi and came home with this too:

Yay! New fabric stash! I love the clearance fabric bin at Wal-Mart, sometimes they have some really pretty stuff for only $1 a yard. How can you pass that up? Everything you see here cost less than $10 total, including the thread. Sweet! It's all very pretty, especially the black on the lower right. You can't tell but it's sheer with a sort of paisley pattern on it. I know I want to make a couple shirts out of it, but the rest is up in the air still. Guess we'll have to see, my sewing skills are right next to zilch, so I would love to find time to practice and improve. This fabric should be great inspiration! Posted by Picasa

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