Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Beautiful Baby Socks

Project Specs:

Rainbow Baby Socks
Pattern: I got this think from the CrochetTalk group website link section. The link directly to the pattern is here.
Yarn: Bernat Hot Sox in 40706, Crazy Hot
Impressions: These socks are darn cute! And so quick. I made these babies yesterday afternoon while visiting with a friend and basking in the sunlight on her deck, with minimal work to finish them up after work today. The pattern needed some small adjustments, but nothing major, just a stitch here or there. Quick, fun, and attention-catching. The socks have garnered much oohing and aahing. Love it.

Rainbow Baby Socks Posted by Hello

I greatly enjoyed my day off yesterday. I cherise those few days that I have off because it seems that they are way too far apart. Memorial Day is fast approaching and with it, a three day weekend! Gasp! I have not had three work-free days in a row in so long that I cannot remember. Can you imagine all the crafty things I will accomplish in three whole days? I am very, very excited.
I should have plenty to work on. There was a short stash enhancing expedition yesterday morning, where I acquired the previously mentioned Hot Sox yarn, a giant roll of JoAnn's Sensation Rainbow Boucle, The Yarn Harlot's bookbookbook, and some cute mesh storage thingies. The blue thingie is now a WIP basket next to my bed. I have plans for the boucle, and I also want to do some stashbusting, because I also bid on a couple (hah, a couple) rolls of yarn on EBay and I need to make room.
I have so many works-in-mind that I am afraid I might become buried under all this yarn. Stay tuned to see if I will ever find my way out.

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Wendy said...

Those socks are bright and cute!