Sunday, April 17, 2005

Knitting Is For Grandmas!

Hold on to your hats, folks, this one is very picture-heavy. Everyone came over for a BBQ today. What else would we be doing on an absolutely gorgeous Sunday in the middle of spring?! After dinner we retired to the deck for knitting, music, and playing in the yard. Just prior to the camera being pulled out, Allison asked me to show her how to cast on. She has already mastered the knit stitch, bought her own needles and several balls of yarn, and is about 6 inches into a crocheted blanket (a fairly simple, very open weave afghan from a 70's pattern book). I'm very proud of her, I just started teaching her to crochet about 3 weeks ago and now she knitting, too. Anyway, I told her I wanted someone to take a picture of us knitting for my blog, and she laughed. "You're not putting a picture of me knitting on the Internet! Knitting is for grandmas!" Great peals of laughter from the men. (Ok, me too.) I got her to sit still for the picture anyway. I'm on the right.

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