Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another FO Pic

Here's another finished object that I promised weeks ago, courtesy of Allison's digital camera. Ambrielle brought her poncho to wear to church so I snapped this pic. Unfortunately there is not a picture of Kiera's capelet to accompany it.

Project Specs

Ambrielle's Poncho
Pattern: I designed this poncho myself, using two crocheted rectangles sewn together. I found information on making ponchos this way here.
Yarn: TLC Essentials in a dark, deep red (I think it's Cranberry).
TLC Heathers-Heather Pink
Some leftover white Red Heart SuperSaver.
I liked designing this pattern, and overall I think it came out well. My only complaint is that the drape isn't quite right, it's a little stiff, but I think a couple of washings will help with that. The colors work well together (in the picture the red is too bright and glaring, it's really darker and deeper). I'm not sure if I'll be doing another one of these anytime soon, sewing in the ends created by the stripes was very time consuming. Ambrielle likes it, and she's worn it several times, so the work was well worth it.

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Laura said...

That is so cute!! You did a great job. I am another midwest knitter. Do you know that you only accept comments from people who use blogger. I only use blogger for knit-alongs not for my knitting blog. I'm sure there are a lot of other knitters who would like to leave you comments and can't. I wasn't sure if you knew. I've enjoyed reading your blog!